Our School Prayer


This is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of mankind
Love of life itself
And love of God
Let us remember
That as many hands build a house
So many hearts make a school

Prayer is an important part of our daily lives at The Holme.  We believe we can talk to God at anytime - both in formal collective acts of worship, but also as part of private, quiet reflection.  Times are built into the school day where children and staff are invited to share in prayer, for example before lunch and at the end of day.  We also have moments of quiet reflection - we 'pause to be'.  

Our class prayers for the end of day can be found here and our whole school lunchtime prayer is here. Prayers written by children can be seen here

As part of our annual 'Feeling Good Week', we have a spiritual well-being day, when everyone (children, staff, parents and LGC members) can spend time in our Prayer Spaces area.  

We also have a Prayer Station each half term, either linked to the Christian calendar or our current focus value.

Take a look at Prayer Stations we've experienced so far below.

 Spiritual Well-being


 Prayer Plates

 Remembrance Prayer Station

Easter Prayer Station

 Christmas Prayer Station

 Spiritual Well-being Day in the Forest