Our Staff Team

  •  Headteacher 
  Mrs Sarah Stevenson
  • Assistant Head and Year 5 class teacher
  Mrs Beverley Hoe
  • EYFS Lead/Teaching and Learning Lead and Reception class teacher
  Mrs Anna Hotchkiss
  • Reception Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

  Mrs Lyn Rees

  • Year 1 Teacher
  Mrs Denise Dunwoodie
  • Year 1 SEN 1:1 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor
  • Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  Ms Lou Meagher

  Mrs Nicola Goddard

  • Year 2 Class teacher

  Mrs Lindsey Ferguson

  • Year 2 Teaching Assistant/ELSA/Midday Supervisor
  • KS1 Teaching assistant and Midday Supervisor
  Mrs Bridget Heath

  Mrs Alex Wilkinson

  •  Year 5 Teacher - Part time 
  Mrs Lucy Roberts 
  • Year 5 Teaching Assistant with responsibility
  •        for Speech and Language 

  Mrs Lesley Jones
  • Year 3 Teachers (Part-time)  

  Mrs Catherine Hall and Mrs Jessica Shanks

  • Year 3 Teaching Assistant, ELSA and Midday Supervisor
  Mrs Julia Greenslade
  • Year 4 Teacher 
  Miss Isobel Smith
  • Year 3 and 5 teaching assistant and Midday supervisor 
  Mrs Helen Bone
  • Year 4 Teaching Assistant and HLTA
  Mrs Margaret Swiston
  • Year 6 Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

  Miss Lauren Ford

  • Year 6 Teacher
  Miss Jo Lawrance 
  • Year 5 Teaching Assistant and HLTA 
  Mrs Karen Francis
  • SENCO/Inclusion Manager
  Mrs Sonia Lay
  • Forest School Practitioner
  Mr Roger Milam
  • Midday Supervisor 

  Mrs Emma Keet

  Mrs Emma Keeling

  • Site Manager
  Mr Andrew Jaworski 
  • Finance Manager

  Mrs Wendy Carter

  • Admin Office Assistant
  Mrs Kelly Tumber
  • School Cook
  Mrs Christine Hopkins 
  • School Kitchen Assistant

 Mrs Tina Gillingham

  • Chair of the Local committee
  • Clerk to the Local committee

Mrs Alex Kemp  

Mrs Nickie Smith