We are a part of The Good Shepherd Trust, a family of schools within the Diocese of Guildford that support and help each other yet each school in the Trust knows that they are unique. To find out more about the Trust, please click here.  Key documents that are part of the GST governance requirement can be found here:

Annual Statutory Accounts

Annual Report (forms part of above)

Memorandum of Association


Articles of Association

Names of Directors's-who

Directors' Attendance and Minutes

Master Funding Agreement


The Good Shepherd Trust GST, the Academies arm of the Guildford Diocese Schools, Colleges & Universities Division, has a firm belief in the importance and value of local governance.  Our Local Governing Committee is made up of the following:


  • Chair and Parent

Mrs Alex Kemp

  • Headteacher

Ms Ruth Worswick

  • Staff (Head of School)
Mrs Tessa Cooper
  • Vice-Chair and Parent
Mrs Victoria Skidmore
  • Community
Mrs Susan Golding
  • Ex-officio
Rev. Andrew Barton
  • Community
Mr Robin Hall
  • Community
Mr John Gamble
  • Foundation
Rev. Helen Kempster
  • Parent
Mr Oliver Greenaway
  • Parent
Mrs Fiona Hicks
  • Associate Governor
Mr Julian Taylor-Green
  • Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Nickie Smith


Minutes are kept in the school office and parents are welcome to view them in school.

We do not have committees, but meet each half term as a full governing body. Governors are linked to each area of the School Development Plan and visit the school to monitor our progress each half term as well.  

You can find further details about our governing committee on the Government School Details site by clicking here.

Under current legislation, we are obliged to publish Governors' Details and a Register of Interests, along with an attendance record of meetings.  These can be viewed here.