We've collected together a range of resources that you can use at home.  Some need printing off, but others can be read on the screen and answers can go on paper.

 Remember that there are a range of ideas on the Class Page too - the word lists for Year 4 and the number facts the children need to know by the end of Year 4.

Click here for the First News edition about the Covid19 virus

Click below for First News activity sheets linked to the above edition

Level 1       Level 2       Level 3

(Y3ish)        (Y4,5)        (Y5,6)

Ideas From Classroom Secrets


Maths Weekly Skills Checks ('Assertive Maths')

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

And the answers - for parents only!!!

Stage 3 answers

Stage 4 answers

Stage 5 answers

Click here for a brilliant activity checklist of ideas your child could do while at home.

There's one for every year group and it includes a whole range of practical and educational ideas, from painting self-portraits to building dens and having a teddy bear's picnic.