Our Vision and Values


Our vision is to provide a safe, supportive environment where children will flourish with an emphasis on faith, love and learning. We achieve this through our caring family approach and strong relationships between the children, staff and parents. We support the vital role parents play in their child’s development and in the cultivation of an enthusiastic attitude to learning



Our core values are: Courage, Wisdom and Love

The values permeate from The Good Shepherd Trust's values. Our values define who we are and how we behave. At The Holme our Christian values are evident in all aspects of school life.  We link values to stories, to current events and to our relationships with each other and our environment.  

Children have lots of opportunities to put our values into action, by taking on responsibilities across the school, working with learning partners or intuitively at playtime in their games.  Staff, too, live by our values and are role models for the children — making sure values are explicitly referred to in our policies and that we follow these principles in our relationships with each other and how we work together.  


R Time

Our pupils are encouraged to show respect and courtesy towards others.  R time lessons on Monday mornings are a chance to learn how to treat each other with good manners and respect.  Each week children learn with a new partner, giving them opportunities to relate to each other, even with those they might never naturally choose to work with (an essential skill for life)

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