Our Vision and Values


Growing together, as we journey with God, in Love, Courage and Wisdom...

With Love, we make our school, our community and our world better, loving both our togetherness and our difference. We love ourselves, we love each other even when that is hard, as God loves us.

With Courage, we are tenacious in embracing challenge and having the highest aspirations, as God strengthens us.

With Wisdom, we make good choices, learn from our mis-steps and aim for excellence, as God teaches us.


R Time

Our pupils are encouraged to show respect and courtesy towards others.  Our R time lessons once a week are an opportunity to learn how to treat each other with good manners and respect.  Each week children learn with a new partner, giving them opportunities to relate to each other, even with those they might never naturally choose to work with (an essential skill for life)

Find out more about R time here.