Friends of the Holme (FROTH)

Friends of The Holme Primary School, also known as FROTH, are a group of volunteer parents who organise events & activities to help raise additional funds for the school.  

Friends of The Holme aim to host a range of activities and events across the school year.  This brings the community together as well as raising funding to the children in a variety of ways.

A Message from our current FROTH team...

FACEBOOK       @friendsoftheholme


Early 2022 we became an entirely new FROTH Group who took over from a very lovely, longstanding group of Mums and Dads who, now have children in the last year or two of the school, have handed over the raffle tickets!


There are 5 of us, Lucyann, Sara & Lindsay who Co-Chair, Sharon as Secretary and Harriet as Treasurer – but as busy working Mums with 12 children between we couldn’t do it without our great team of supporters who all pull together to make things work and run the events and we also have an incredible group of class reps who help get the word out and drum up extra support.


We have amazing support, but can always use more people to do as little or as much as they can but we are always looking for extra help from organising and running an event to folding raffle tickets so there is something for everyone to help with!


As well as raising additional money for the school, joining FROTH enables you to become a part of something fun and rewarding!  We all lead such busy lives and it’s so easy to run in and out of the school grounds at the start and end of the day without a thought – but the playground is full of wonderful people from your local community and are the parents of your childrens friends!

We know only too well how terrifyingly daunting it can be to step into something new, we were all like bunnies in the headlights when we started this journey, but, with a deep breath (and generally grabbing a friend for some moral support!) we’ve formed some fantastic friendships. . . and it’s not just for the mums – we’ve got a fantastic group of dads, (who in fairness, are usually hustled along by their respective other halves to start with, but now love a BBQ, being the goalie at the summer fair, and we have our very own Quiz Master and School Disco DJ too!

We are also not going to land you in it!  If all you can spare is half an hour on a stall a the fair twice a year – then that’s brilliant, you don’t need to avoid us for fear of us making you the new Chairperson – any time you can offer, however small - we are nothing but thankful for.


We run all sorts of events, and are always looking for new ideas – we try to spread things out during the year - generally we have 2 fairs (Summer and Christmas), 3 Discos, Mufti-Days, Crazy-Hair Day, Quiz Nights, Bags2School (donations of clothing in return for cash), Summer Camp Out, Ice Pops after school (in the summer!), Cake Sales, House Colour T-shirts (for sports day and PE days).


Other than emails via the school you can actively keep up to date with our events:

On our Facebook Page (just view and like the page to start receiving notifications and reminders):
FACEBOOK       @friendsoftheholme

On our WhatsApp Group is great for receiving up to date news and quick reminders
It is not possible for anyone (other than admin) to post or reply, and we promise to keep it light, so you’re not going to end up with a zillion WhatsApp messages, but you will have all the information will be at your fingertips!


If you’d like to get in touch you can Message us via Facebook (link above) or send an email.


You can read our latest meeting minutes here.  All parents, staff and friends of the school are welcome to come to our meetings.  Keep an eye on the calendar for events of our next meetings.


Christmas Disco 

Quiz Night

Super Cake Sale!

Summer Fayre 

Easter Egg Hunt

BINGO Nights - monthly (see Calendar for dates)

Quiz Nights - see Calendar for our next one